The 2020 Your Empty Nest Coach (YENC) Quick Tips Team

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This international team and their helpful tips were included in bonus episodes in the Your Empty Nest Coach podcast on select Tuesdays in early 2020.

Quick tips will now be added to a Quick Tips segment in Friday episodes, when I have relevant tips available to share with my audience. I am always considering audience submissions for future episodes. Here is how to submit yours:

Send audio feedback to Coach Christine now: voicemail/text to 920-LIFEWIN (920-543-3946). Keep it under two minutes and be sure to introduce yourself briefly.

Example: Hi! Iโ€™m [Name] from [state/country]. You can find me online at [one singular place for my audience to find you]. Today Iโ€™d like to share a tip that has helped me.. or In episode #68 you mentioned โ€ฆ

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Katy Oliveira

Collegehood Advice

Jenn Musselman

Closet/Wardrobe Coach

Gretchen Hoffmann

Planning & Organization

Susan Stevens

Beauty Muse

Carolyn Allison Caplan

Admissions Mom

Deirdre Dolan Nesline



Travelling Light

Rachel Lankester

Midlife Mentor

Monica Matthews

The Scholarship Mom

Coach Christine

Host & Producer