Carolyn Allison Caplan, Admissions Mom

Carolyn is an independent educational consultant, and she works with private clients. She became a consultant to make a dent in the insane levels of stress in the college admissions process. The anxiety about the admissions process Carolyn saw around her disturbed her to her core, and she knew she wanted to change this culture of stress. Yes, you should work hard on applications and essays and college lists, but you (and this includes parents) should also relax, joke around, meditate, and breathe. Her mission is working to re-frame how we, as a society, talk about and think about college admissions by bringing mindfulness to the admissions experience. 

Carolyn also moderates the subreddit r/ApplyingToCollege as AdmissionsMom, where she offers advice to stressed-out teens from all over the world.

Visit Carolyn’s Website: Admissions Mom

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