Katherine, Travelling Light

Hi, I’m Katherine the 5 kilo traveller. I’m 52 and live in NZ with my husband, and two kids, 18 + 16, and 6 adopted ducklings. I am a nurse and now a travelling light blogger (some would say ‘campaigner’!)

In 2017 I went to Croatia and Italy for 4 weeks by myself. I was an intrepid traveller before kids, and felt in my 30’s and 40’s I’d got lost in the mother /wife/nurse/daughter/cook/cleaner/uber-mum…. And then there was the impending empty nest approaching – I like to plan ahead, so I got in early! 

Hence the 2017 trip was a way, the old cliche, of ‘finding myself’ . But the experience did actually point a few things out to me. I gained confidence, direction, and determination. And that’s how I ended up here. 

So I travelled light and solo and that’s what my blog is about – inspiring and teaching others. 

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