Katy Oliveira, Collegehood Advice

Katy Oliveira is the founder of Collegehood, LLC and the host of the Collegehood Advice podcast, where she shares expert insights, strategies, and stories to help students embrace who they are and use their unique gifts, education, and experience to build a life they love during college and beyond. 

She has guided thousands of college students through their college experience in her roles as a professional academic advisor, college success coach, university administrator, and instructor at both St. Edward’s University and the University of Houston System. 

Katy inspires, encourages, and supports students as they work to figure out what they want to do with their life and make it happen through her podcast, online content, coaching practice, and speaking engagements. When she’s not helping students you can find her in a garden, on a yoga mat, or in a kitchen cooking with her friends and family in Austin, Texas.

Visit Katy’s website: Collegehood Advice (site no longer exists).

Katy’s tips may be found in the following episodes:

Katy’s Tip Episode #
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