Book Review Request: Empty Nest Success


ℹ️  PLEASE READ ℹ️  

Congratulations on publishing your book! I'm excited for you. 🎉

Regular Topics: Parenting,  The Empty Nest,  The Empty Nest Years, Mindfulness

I regularly get asked to read and review books, and I've had to streamline the request process using this page. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

🌻I genuinely appreciate that my reviews are sought after. Yet, book reviews are not what I feel particularly called to do in my work. 

I'm no longer willing to do this work uncompensated.

But is there any way to get my book in front of Christine? 

Yes, three ways:

1) Send me a print copy to be added to my TBR pile 

With this method, there is no guarantee I will ever read the book, but I also may pick it up one day on a whim - and I'll do whatever I feel led to do with it.

Again, no promises, but it has happened in the past.

Why print? I like to write in books to take notes and highlight portions. Print is my favorite form of consuming a book, so it is your best chance for a reading. E-books? I never read them.

2) Sponsor a podcast episode 

Rates begin at $500 with a non-refundable reading deposit of $150.

What does this include?

I will read the print copy of the book ( I do read pre-released books!) and provide an honest 30-second review of the book within a podcast episode.  The review will be read by me (the host) within the episode.  I do not offer dynamic ads at this time, meaning that the review will be there for as long as my podcast exists (this is good news for you - it will never be replaced for as long as this podcast is active).

If, after reading the book, it isn't one I feel confident recommending for whatever reason, I will advise you at this time on how I imagine the review would read in the episode. If you aren't happy, we don't need to go further, and the process stops. 

If, after reading the book, I love it, I will also let you know how I will proceed with the review. You may continue or stop the process at this point.

I include an Amazon review! No matter the process going forward, I will add my review on Amazon after reading the book with full transparency that I was compensated for reviewing the book.

Are you looking for a social media post/video/blog post, also? Those are additional investments.

3) Do you have a fun collaboration idea for us to work together? 

If you have a fun idea that you think I should consider, definitely let me know!


30+ day minimum notice is mandatory for any collaboration.

If you've read this far and are still interested in pursuing  one of the methods above, please get in touch with me here and let me know that you've read this page and what you have in mind - we can discuss it from there.

It always helps if you share details about the book and why you think it would be a good fit for my audience. 

Thanks for reading, and again congratulations on publishing your book! 🎉

You are amazing. 💚

Last updated 12/8/2023