Episode 38: Michele’s Story, Loving Through the Empty Nest, Raped as a Teenager and How it Changed Her Life

Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend!
In this episode, Michele shares a portion of her life story with us and opens up to show us what helped her get through the remaining emotions and trauma she had from a teenage rape – or should I say, “who helped her.” The gift she received is one we all can learn from for our life. 
Your complete presence in any moment will allow you to comfort others in a way that they may not even know they need.
I invite you to listen to Michele’s story and share it with anyone who needs to hear it. 
Take a listen or read the full transcript below. 
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What You Will Learn in this Episode: 

    • An introduction to Michele
    • Michele’s story of overcoming a teenage rape
    • How Michele tells her story
    • What helped Michele to move on and own her story
    • Michele’s advice to parents
    • What Michele can’t live without
    • And more!

Episode Questions for You To Consider

  1. What have you had to overcome to become who you are today?
  2. How are you telling your story?


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Full Transcript

You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college.