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I highly recommend the private coaching program! Coach Christine is insightful, compassionate, and inspiring and has helped me to envision this "empty-nest" phase of my life as an exciting new beginning. I am so grateful for this program."

Jennifer k. 

Private Coaching Program Client

Jennifer shares more in the episode below...

Six weeks of coaching with Christine - she'll guide you through the entire process!


⭐ Guidance in how to lovingly notice the many thought-deliveries in your mind

⭐ Learning how to sort your thoughts in a caring way that allows you to unlock your superpower

⭐ Learning to trust yourself - and your future-self

⭐ Learn the power in cheering yourself on in life

⭐ Discover how to use your new-found GPS to navigate your life's journey ahead

How you'll get there

✔ Six (6) 30-minute weekly private Zoom calls with Coach Christine

✔ Text coaching in between calls via Whatsapp or FB Messenger - your choice!

✔ Resources made available to you as needed: videos, worksheets, and links to helpful resources

I can't wait to work with you!

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Is the empty nest ahead for you, and have you heard yourself think (or say out loud) any of these:

I'm not sure what to do with my free time!

Ah, yes, a common thought!

You aren’t alone with this one, and you have the opportunity to do amazing things in this next chapter of your life! Are you ready to do the work to discover who you are outside of the labels you have given yourself?

Will my partner and I reconnect? 

This is totally up to you!

The first step is to find who you are. The second step is to see where you allow your partner’s behavior to control your thoughts and feelings. From there, things get interesting – and fun!

I feel stuck!

I hear you!

That statement makes you feel awful, doesn’t it? Join our GPS Support Flock: Your Flight to Empty Nest Success for tools and resources to empower you to move forward in your life.

I'm freaking out!


In all honesty, you can choose to keep that thought, or not. You are an adult, and you get to choose. But how does that thought make you feel? If you are ready to let go of it, then you are ready to work with me!

What will my future look like?

Amazing things are in store for your life!

You need to believe that for yourself, but if you need some help, you can borrow my belief in your amazing future.


Yes! I recommend the program! Christine is extremely present and supportive and really understands the complexity of the emotions one faces at this time of life.