Empty Nest Blog: Working Myself Out of A Job

Empty Nest Coach: Working myself out of a job?

As a coach, my goal is to work myself out of a job with a specific client. This is my personal philosophy. I can't speak for all coaches.

Let me explain: You have the answer(s) within yourself. However, you've lived a life of people telling you otherwise and taught (over and over again) to trust others more than yourself. And, wow, it starts young. The good news is that with your willingness to be curious about that, time to process, a safe space to reflect in new ways, AND a heap load of encouragement, I fully believe in your potential to discover your amazingness within.

I believe in YOU.

You discovering and trusting yourself moving forward is much more important to me than getting another (or a) dollar from you. Added bonus: I then have the opportunity to hold space for another fantastic soul - so much fun!

Whether you listen to my podcast (free), Your Empty Nest Coach podcast, do my (free) 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success, or invest in my limited private coaching, I am thrilled to be a small part of your journey on this spinning rock.

Why is this my motivation?  Because I trust and follow my internal guidance, which leads me this way . After all, I do my best to follow what I encourage others to do.

It doesn't mean life is perfect for me. Let's be honest; we all have challenging situations, emotions at odd times, mistakes, etc. - what we do with those happenings makes the difference in our future. Viewing them as learning opportunities and making adjustments allows the journey to continue expansively and can be super fun.

For me? I love my life - where it is now in this moment (doing laundry between typing paragraphs) and where it is heading. Why? Because I am fully living and leaning into every moment: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I look at my coaching time in many ways, like my parenting time - a beautiful phase: holding space for humans to discover their amazingness and who they are as they adventure on in their life, ready to experience it fully.

The ride has been wild, intense, full of emotions, and fun thus far, and I'm only just getting started. I'm following my joy.

Are you following yours?

~ Christine

PS: Do you have to use an empty nest coach? Not at all, but for those who could use the extra encouragement and guidance through the transition and don't have it built in to their life - a coach may be exactly what is needed! There are more than a few of us, so be sure to invest in one that feels like a great match.

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