Empty Nest Reset Retreats

Empty Nest Retreats

The Empty Nest GPS Reset Weekend: Unplugged & Charged Up

You are amazing, and you are JUST getting started, my friend.

Sometimes life needs a little discomfort to find comfort in being yourself.

Good Morning America recently reported on the power of a digital detox.

I don’t have the words to express how excited I am about this event.

I recommend taking a listen to episode #17 of my podcast if you haven’t already. After listening, if you identify with the Green Popsicle Stick in my fable, and are ready to take your first step toward finding future you, this event is for you.

I can’t wait to work with you,

The Goal

  • Turn Off the Autopilot In Your Life
  • Learn How You Are the Author of Your Feelings and Actions
  • Do a Reset On Your Life and Begin The Journey to Find Future You – She’s AMAZING!

Christine Provides

  • Coaching
  • Guided Activities And Materials Needed For The Activities
  • A Campsite
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Trail Mix
  • Raw Fruits and Veggies
  • A Two Burner Propane Stove, A Small Pot, A Frying Pan, Basic Cooking Utensils
  • Dish Soap and Towels
  • All Materials For the Guided Activities
  • A Solar Lamp for You to Keep
  • A Journal & Writing Utensils for You
  • Miscellaneous Activities: Think Coloring Books, Hula Hoops, A Deck of Card, etc.
  • Wood And Flint To Make A Fire
Love yourself enough to take time away.

The Plan:

  • Two nights: Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon
  • Friday Night: We meet one another, get settled, share about life a bit, and do a little coaching by the fire
  • Saturday: If we aren’t chatting about your hopes and dreams, the topic is off-limits
  • Saturday Morning: Silent Hike
  • Saturday Late Morning/Afternoon: Guided activities to help you find future you – she’s amazing
  • Saturday Afternoon/Early Evening: Share with and encourage one another
  • Sunday Morning: Goal setting, regroup and individual coaching sessions
  • Location: Southeastern Pennsylvania, US

The Rules

  • No Phones
  • No Reapplying of Makeup
  • Do Not Bring Any of Your “Usual” Activities

You Provide

  • The Willingness To Consider New Thoughts
  • The Willingness to Turn Off Your Phone
  • Personal Food Items: You Will Be There For Dinner(x2); Lunch (x2) and Breakfast (x2).Full meals are not provided as that would skyrocket the cost to serve everyone. See the “Christine Provides” section for what Christine provides.
  • Personal Utensils: Mug, Plate, Eating Utensils
  • Clothing (check the weather)
  • Sleeping Gear (sleeping bag/blankets/air mattress – these are easy to borrow from a friend)
  • A Chair For Around the Fire/At Your Campsite
  • A Tent (another great item to borrow from someone but if you don’t have access to a tent, let Christine know – she may have one available to you)
  • Must-Have Toiletries, Vitamins, Medications & A First-Aid Kit
  • A Small Backpack for Short Hikes (under two hours) with Items You Require for the Hike
  • Towel(s)

Have a question? Ask Christine via the contact form!

In the works:

  • GPS Simmering to Perfection Retreat: A Full Week of Intensive Work and Daily Coaching Walks with Christine
  • GPS Reset Weekend on the Road: If you are interested in a weekend reset session where you live, let’s talk! If you know of six women ready to do this, Christine is happy to travel to you!