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Coaching Questions

Will you work with clients outside of your niche?

Some examples: 

  • Will you work with fathers?
  • Will you work with mothers who worked full-time?
  • Will you work with mothers who were thrilled when their child(ren) went back to school?
  • Will you work with someone who has been in the empty nest for years?
  • Will you work with students?
  • Will you work with women who aren’t mothers? 


The only way to work with me, currently, is to join the GPS Support Flock. Flock members have the option to add on private text coaching with me.

I have had non-empty nesters successfully take my program! 

Are you a certified coach?

The life coaching industry is unregulated. Completely unregulated. When a life coach is certified, there is no consistency behind what that certification means from one school to another.

I have not chosen to pursue certification at this time.

Want to know what I’m all about?  My podcast will clearly give you an idea if we’ll be a good fit or not.

If you are still reading, awesome! Here is why I am qualified to help you: 

I have been where you are and have assembled tools for you that worked for me.

I have successfully coached women, and created an online membership program around the coaching.

Other things you may want to know:

  • Eckhart Tolle? The power of now? Yes! LIFE. CHANGING.
  • Brooke Castillo and her Self-Coaching Model – this started it all for me!
    • I have used Brooke’s Self Coaching model myself and after spending some time in self-coaching scholars, I wanted to help others with what I learned. She’s amazing enough to allow us to use her model while we coached (and I asked her, too) – as long as we give her credit, which I always do – Thank you, Brooke! Using the self coaching model, I:
      • lost over 35 40 45 50 pounds – and am still losing!
      • was able to function well emotionally as my 14-year-old went off to college four years early and over four hours away (out of state).
      • view my “other” job as the perfect place for me to be.
      • am able to manage my mind well in what past-me would consider difficult circumstances.
      • create this value in the world.
  • Brené Brown? Love her! What story are you telling yourself? 
  • I am always drawn to the self-help section of the bookstore. 
  • I coach myself daily and throughout the day.
  • I love, love, love helping others manage their mind which manifests in all areas of their life.
  • Through my work, I’ve created analogies and mnemonics of my own that resonate well with clients.

Some of my favorite past careers, in case you are curious:

  • Homeschooling Mother
  • Administrative Assistant
  • YouTube Series Producer
  • Balloon Artist
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Dining Room Manager
  • Macy’s Santaland Elf (NYC)
  • Actress/Singer

Don’t take my word for it, though, click here to view feedback from my clients.

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Why do you have your website live already?

I am live! Putting myself out there worked. I left my original response to encourage those who need to read it for their own projects. 

Great question.

I am lucky enough to have friends who are willing to provide feedback as I go. So, why not put it out there and be honest about where I am? There is a lot more urgency to my progress as well, this way. So, this is where I am, today: totally all-in and authentically putting it all out there, even when it isn’t “ready.” Where I will be tomorrow: a little bit further along. Thanks for asking and for being here.