Be a Guest?

Thanks for stopping by and for your interest in being a guest on my podcast!

ℹ I am not currently seeking podcast guests.

That being said, I invite you to listen to my podcast, and use the contact form if you’d like to collaborate in other ways.

Listen to Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast

“I had a lot of fun being a guest on the Your Empty Nest Coach podcast. Christine is warm, lighthearted and most importantly strongly committed to providing high-quality content and information for her listeners. Plus, she is an organizational ninja. I can’t wait to find creative ways to continue collaborating with Christine.”

Christine was so much fun to chat with.  I’m a total podcast newbie, and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed with her open ended questions and laid back style and sense of humor. I felt like I was hanging out on my couch chatting about kids and college with an old friend instead of taking part in a podcast. I look forward to chatting with her again and continuing to learn more about my own empty nesting journey through her podcast! “

Carolyn Allison Caplan aka AdmissionsMom

Carolyn Allison Caplan
aka AdmissionsMom

Admissionsmom website

“Working with Christine as a guest on the Your Empty Nest Coach podcast was such a joy! From our first communication, she was organized, detailed, enthusiastic and clear about how everything would work. She kept me posted on my podcast air date and supplied wonderful graphics I could use to share the episode. This was an awesome plus! I enjoyed the entire process and highly recommend her podcast!”

“As Christine’s first guest, I was impressed with how well-prepared she was for this
new feature of her podcast. She made me feel comfortable from the start as she
guided me through what was my first podcast experience. It’s impossible not to
share the energy she brings to an interview. Her follow-up was as spot-on as her
preparation, with all the materials she created to make it easy to promote our
episode. As an empty nester, I know how beneficial Christine’s podcast is to moms
navigating this new stage in their lives and I was happy to have the opportunity to
contribute to this community. I’m excited to work with her again.”

My Audience

Every episode is created with my specific audience in mind:

  • Mothers who walked away from a career to raise child(ren)
  • Their Child(ren) is now in the later high school years
  • The idea of the empty nest ahead is freaking them out
  • They have questions such as:
    • What will I do with my time? 
    • Will I reconnect with my partner?
    • Should I return to the workforce?
    • Is it time for a complete career change?
    • What is this college process going to be like?
    • And more.

Podcast Details

My shows are typically solo (me) sharing life coaching skills and basics with my specific audience. Once or twice a quarter, I will consider having a guest on my podcast if the topic is one that will benefit my audience, and if the timing is right and if it makes sense. Guest episodes in 2021 will be limited.

If you believe you have value to bring to my listeners, please take the following steps:

  1. Read this entire page
  2. Listen to a few of my episodes
  3. Determine if you think you have a topic that fits well for my audience
  4. If so, ask a few people if they would be comfortable listening to that topic in the car with their high school age child or not – if the answer is no, we won’t be a good fit
  5. If the answer is yes, please complete my podcast guest interest form.
    1. I will review your submission.
    2. There is no guarantee your submission will be approved.
    3. If it is evident that you have considered the above items, you will receive an email response within two weeks time on the status of your submission.
      1. In the email I will let you know if I think we are a good fit, and I will place you on my consideration list for the year.


Episodes are recorded a minimum of a full month in advance and planning is 6-8 weeks out. No exceptions.

Episode Length

My episodes typically range from 8-15 minutes long. Guest episodes run longer but I will be making an effort to keep them under 30 minutes in the future. We will have a purpose for the episode, and we’ll also have a plan for the recording, which will be communicated to you before our scheduled recording date.

Your Technical Requirements

We will easily be able to complete the entire recording with equipment testing, warming up, recording and a wrap up in a 60 minute window.

You will need:

  • To be in a quiet space
  • Headphones on (nothing fancy needed) to be sure you don’t record my voice coming through your computer/device
  • An external microphone is a nice to have

If you are interested, please complete the Your Empty Nest Coach podcast guest interest form.