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When Christine Oakfield, aka Coach Christine, was tossed into the empty nest phase four years earlier than expected, she found she wasn't feeling ready for the next stage of life. Through her quest to improve her personal experience, she discovered a joy in encouraging others through the same transition. Now the lively host and producer of the Your Empty Nest Coach podcast and the creator of the 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success, she helps parents to transition from freaking out about the empty nest years to feeling freaking awesome. 

Christine provides resources through her podcast, social media accounts, and 1:1 personalized coaching. Coaching with Christine focuses on becoming the C.E.O. (Conscious Effective Olympian™) of your life while including sprinkles of analogies, positivity, purpose, and a delightful sense of humor. >> Learn more about Christine.

Creator of 

the 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success

best topics🎧

An inspired idea that distills the top 30 concepts/topics that have resonated the most with Coach Christine's clients and podcast listeners over the first five years of her work. 

>> Challenge via Season 2 of the podcast.


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Mid-2024 offerings have been streamlined to one location. Offerings include support of content, video content, discussion posts and the ability to book private coaching sessions. 

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Podcast Information & Stats

Organic Growth

The Your Empty Nest Coach podcast premiered in December 2018 and has graced the charts of parenting podcasts domestically and internationally. Over 200 episodes are live and waiting for your ears. Season 2 focused entirely on the 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success and wrapped in early 2024. Additional episodes will be released as time allows with a new episode planned for release in August of 2024. Podcast episode transcripts are available in the show notes.

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Average Episode Length

13 minutes

Sample of humorous content on the socials (viral videos on TikTok):

Sample of inspirational content on the socials:

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Followed by midlife moms. 


wtop news, 📻 (Radio)

Empty nest coaches help parents in DC and beyond navigate a 'bittersweet' phase

Gigi Barnett

Christine Oakfield wasn’t prepared for the realization that only a few months remained until her teen daughter would leave for college.

Her awakening came at a family gathering shortly before graduation. 

Fox 5 New York

Tips on How Parents Can Cope As They Adjust to the Empty Nest

It is often a bittersweet experience. 

Excited about the empty nest years? Awesome - that's the goal!

the wall street journal

Junior Heads to College, But Empty-Nesters Need the Tutors

A quote from Christine in the print edition, front-page article!

Have digital access to the WSJ? I invite you to read it here

Parenting & the empty nest

Love Your Life Show

A great conversation with Susie of the Love Your Life Show about how to best support ourselves and our kids, whether they’re still in our nest, half in, or all the way launched.

How to adjust to transition in the empty nest years

Live Well And Fully

Find out what might be behind a reluctance to really “let go” of your child's challenges, and more!

wellness while walking podcast

Coaching Through the Emptying Nest + Other Transitions with Coach Christine

Coach Christine of the Your Empty Nest Podcast speaks with us about why working with a coach is different than speaking with even the most kind and trusted friends and family members.

magnificent midlife

Making the Most of an empty nest with Coach Christine

A moving, thought-provoking interview with Coach Christine, the Empty Nest Coach who helps women adapt and make the very most of their lives when their children leave home. This was recorded before the world went crazy!

She Podcasts live 2021

TikTok Talk

See #8 in Resonate Recordings blog post 10 things we learned at She Podcasts 2021. 

podfest global summit 2021

Podcasting in Higher Education, MicroCon

Christine was honored to speak on a panel in the Podfest Global Summit 2021 EduCon with a fabulous group of panelists. I also created the Whova Overwhelm & Basic Navigation for the conference!


10 Ways to Be The Kind of Parent Your Kid Looks Up To

” Give them space to be who they are, to listen to them, and to love them. When you lead with love…”

documentary on amazon prime

The Overly Emotional Child

Overcoming the challenges of big emotions. Why do children have them? ... “You have the ability to impact generations to come in your family as you learn to do this.”

Green Living magazinE

Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome

"Remind yourself that you are strong enough to process through it."

Portrait by Margarita Corporan

The Real moms of tiktok


"At 50, you're just getting started."


Empty Nest Tips for Rediscovering Yourself 

Empty nest prep with Coach Christine.

parents' guide to the college puzzle

Four Things to Do Now That You're in the Empty Nest

Remember: PSPF.

inspiring mompreneurs

Meet Christine, Your Empty Nest Coach

“I love that by living in who I am called to be, that I have had the privilege of inspiring others to do what they are meant to do.”

There's more...

Living day by day magazine 📖 

Jan/Feb 2021 Issue. >> Learn more.

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50 Experts Share Mental Helth Tips for Coping with a Crisis. See #24. >> Read

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5 Ways to Develop Serenity During Anxious Times. >>Read

ybierling.com 📖

How to Create a (Successful) Podcast Channel? 20+ Expert Tips. >>Read

HAPPINEST: Book Endorsement 📖 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Happinest to consider it for endorsement.
I was happy to do so, as it is a valuable resource for empty nesters. >> Learn More


What a lovely chat I had with Valerie of the MidLife-A-Go-Go podcast. Valerie and I discuss the art of letting go; understanding the transition and more! >> Listen.

hot flashes & cool topics podcast🎧

Early on in all of our podcasting days, I was invited to chat with Bridgett & Colleen about the empty nest transition. So much fun!   >> Listen.

beyond 6 seconds podcast🎧

In this mini episode of Beyond 6 Seconds, Carolyn Kiel caught up with six podcasters at the She Podcasts Live conference and asked them one question:  >> Listen.


Categories you can DeClutter & address while working from home. >>Listen


How to Trust Your Gut and Do What's Best for Your Gifted Child with Christine Maziarz >> Listen 


Empty Nesting >> Listen


A parenting tip for when you are frustrated with your toddler. >> Listen

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