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Let Pleasure Be the Measure

The Pleasure, Hilarity, and Ache of Empty Nesting

Pasha and I talk about the empty nest, laugh about our ADHD tendencies, I share about your C.E.O. (Conscious Effective Olympian) toolbox, I talk about my daughter’s education a bit too (skipping more than a few grades), and more! I could talk to Pasha for days, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell. This one is available in video form, too, on YouTube!

Amazon Prime Documentary

The Overly Emotional Child

Overcoming the challenges of big emotions. Why do children have them? What can you do about it? Learn how to improve emotional intelligence in your child. A parent’s guide for understanding child emotions and behavior and what you can do to improve both.

“You have the ability to impact generations to come in your family as you learn to do this.”

Green Living

Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome

โ€˜’Remind yourself that you are strong enough to process through it.”


Real Moms of TikTok

โ€˜At 50, youโ€™re just getting startedโ€™

Podfest Global Summit 2021

Creative Ways Podcasters can Serve Higher Education

I was honored to speak on a panel in the Podfest Global Summit 2021 EduCon with a fabulous group of panelists. I also created the Whova Overwhelm & Basic Navigation for the conference!

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Living Day By Day Community Magazine

January/February 2021

Honored to be on the cover and included in this inspirational magazine!

How to Create a (Successful) Podcast Channel: 20 Expert Tips

“One tip I love to share with new podcasters is to speak directly to one person in your listening audience.”

Meet Christine, Your Empty Nest Coach

Inspiring Mompreneurs

“I love that by living in who I am called to be, that I have had the privilege of inspiring others to do what they are meant to do.”

50 Experts Share Mental Health Tips for Coping With a Crisis

#24 is where you will find me ๐Ÿ˜‰

“In moments where you feel intense negative emotion, I suggest making time to write down the thoughts circling in your mind.”

How Parents Emotions Affect Their Children and What to Do About It

Learning Success

“A parent’s emotional response has an impact – a tremendous impact – on their child.”

5 Ways to Develop Serenity During Anxious Times with Christine Maziarz

Authority Magazine
By Dr. William Seed

“When you find the ability to become present in your life, you won’t find yourself trapped in the future or the past – you will be precisely where you ought to be – in the now.”

Authority Magazine Logo

10 Ways To Be The Kind Of Parent Your Kid Looks Up To

Make them proud instead.
By Jessica Booth

” Give them space to be who they are, to listen to them, and to love them. When you lead with love…”

Empty Nest Tips for Rediscovering Yourself with Coach Christine

Honored to be included on Amy Waterman’s show, Your Brilliance, where we discuss the empty nest preparations, how parents react, finding yourself again, and more.

Four Things to Do Now that You’re in the Empty Nest: Parents’ Guide to the College Puzzle

As much as you may or may not have been thinking about this moment, the reality of it all may hit you at the strangest of times. Once upon a time, there was a moment when your child entered your life. In the blink of an eye, youโ€™ve made it to this huge milestone. Wondering how to deal? To get you started, remember the mnemonic PSPF.

Podcast Reviews: Apple Podcasts

Book Endorsements

by Judy Holland

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Happinest to consider it for endorsement.
I was happy to do so, as it is a valuable resource for empty nesters.

Podcast Appearances

Magnificent Midlife

Making the Most Out of An Empty Nest

With the tagline, “Life is too short for just plain biscuits,” well, that is what Rachel is all about. She’s the host and producer of the Magnificent Midlife podcast – and one of our 2020 Quick Tips team members! We had a lovely conversation pre-pandemic and our conversation contains universal truths – and she calle me a “whole lot of fun.”


What a lovely chat I had with Valerie of MidLife-A-Go-Go. Valerie and I discuss the art of letting go; understanding the transition; uncovering your identity, post-children; being guided by your own personal GPS and more!

Coffee And A Chit Chat

Part 1 of 2
Karen and Harriett are absolutely lovely.
I could have chatted with them for hours about all things empty nest
(and other things!)

Coffee And A Chit Chat

Part 2

Karen and Harriett are absolutely lovely.
I could have chatted with them for hours about all things empty nest
(and other things!)

Hot Flashes & Cool Topics

Episode 12: Holiday Hangover and Your Empty Nest Coach

The episode in which I chat with Colleen & Bridgett about the empty nest transition. So much fun!

A Very Anxious Christmas

Explicit. Honored to be included in this unbelievably creative Christmas special of the Angus Eye Tea podcast: a mental health comedy podcast.

The Power of Podcasting

In this mini episode of Beyond 6 Seconds, Carolyn Kiel caught up with six podcasters at the She Podcasts Live conference and asked them one question: “What is the most meaningful experience you’ve had as a result of having your podcast?”

Convo with College Moms

This episode celebrates Motherโ€™s Day with other moms who are walking the parent path both as moms and as members of the college admissions industry.

Podcast Appearances – Coming Soon!

Mid-Life My Ass,
I’m Just Getting Started

Coming Soon!

Oh, the energy and the giggles.
I will leave it there,
and I can’t wait to share.

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Little left of center

First Solocast! She Podcasts Live – Getting Personal.
Thank you for the amazing shout out, Allison!


Elaine’s podcast is about anxiety, depression, and other cheerful topics. She shares about her trip to She Podcasts Live in this episode. Yes, I happily became her pod-mother.


Christy Maguire is a fantastic host and interviewer. She gave me a super sweet shout out in this episode featuring Manuela Powell.


Girls Only Episode: Heidi and Novey host this fun podcast that encourages you explore new things. This is their She Podcasts Live episode: I was there for the hysterical tattoo moment.


Terri shares her She Podcasts Live experience in this episode, and provides us with a recipe for the drink cocktail called the conference.


JoDee shares her biggest takeaways from She Podcasts Live in episode 51, and invites you to attend She Podcasts Live with her next year.

Audio introduction to Coach Christine of the Your Empty Nest Coach podcast.