Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 1: Meet Your Empty Nest Coach, Christine

Hello, my amazing friend. 👋

Thank you for taking time in your busy day to listen to my podcast. You are the absolute best. I invite you to take a listen to one of my more recent episodes, too, to see how things have progressed since I went live.  

 My podcast is designed to provide you with assistance as you adjust to the empty nest years. I like to say we take you from freaking out to feeling freaking awesome. 😉 Podcast episodes also give you a chance to get to know me before you explore my other resources. I am thrilled to have you here! You are amazing. 💚

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What You Will Learn in this Episode 

  • Meet Christine
  • How the Podcast Started
  • What has changed since the beginning
  • And more!

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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college (or not college) and life.

The Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 1


Trailer - Updated July 2022

Christine:   You are listening to the Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast with Coach Christine, episode number 1, updated in July of 2022


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This podcast is my gift to you, a parent adjusting to the idea of an Empty Nest, or possibly a student who's wondering how your parents are feeling about you heading out on your own. These podcast episodes will have a base of life coaching infused with reminders to cheer yourself on. And maybe with a dash of my alter ego, Sally, the hotline video operator popping in from time to time, I'm here to remind you that you should be your own biggest fan.


Hello, my empty nest friend!   Thank you for taking the time in your day to check out this podcast! You are the absolute best, and if you continue to listen to this podcast, you’ll be consistently reminded that YOU are AMAZING. 

I began this podcast in January 2019 as I was adjusting to my daughter heading off to and attending college - out of state and, believe it or not, four years earlier than normal. 

A lot has changed in my life since that time, and I thought I’d take a moment to mention those changes in this (now updated) trailer: 


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The big changes? 

  • My daughter has now graduated from college! We made it!

  • My husband, who you’ll hear me mention in episodes, is now my was-bund, (or ex-husband). 

  • I have moved twice - once while still married and the second time solo -I’m now enjoying a life of manufactured home ownership - in all seriousness, I absolutely love it!

  • My daughter is now living back home with me while she completes grad school online, works part-time, navigates chronic health issues, and gets ready for her next stage of life. 

  • As for changes to this podcast, I have tried many formats over the years, my production quality has improved, and my recent episodes have been a bit in more in a magazine format with regular segments.

  • You’ll hear a variety of offerings throughout the episodes, should you work your way through from episode 2 and keep going,  but always check my website, apps, or most recent episode to hear what is currently being offered.

  • There are probably other changes, but those are the big ones and most relevant ones. 


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If you do work your way through the episodes chronologically, you’ll notice my early episodes are focused on mothers who are freaking out about the empty nest ahead because they walked away from a career to raise their child - or children. 

Why was I so specific? 

I’m a transparent person. That is where I was then, and it was the only way I felt confident enough to begin the podcast and share my voice with the world. 

Over the years, the podcast has found ears even with those who are childless, with those who are mourning a loss and more. 

If you want to listen, you are welcome here: no matter your empty nest status, marital status, gender, religion - or even if you’re childless. This is a safe space for all. Should you find wording that I use that seems to not exactly apply to you - change the language around in your mind to one that applies.


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While I absolutely share my journey within these episodes, this resource is ultimately created for YOU.

You are incredibly amazing. You are on this spinning rock with a purpose for your soul. I believe that fully. Do I know what your purpose is? Nah, that is for you to discover, but there's a decent chance that some of the lessons, analogies and more within this podcast will provide you with some guidance, some clarity, or food for thought. 

Since beginning this podcast, the one thing I’ve been reminded time and time again is that the empty nest years look a little bit different for everyone; they change continuously; and more than likely won’t play out the way that you’ve been imagining. 


Transitioning into the empty nest - or any transition - is all about learning who YOU are - becoming the C.E.O. - Conscious Effective Olympian of your life. That’s what empty nest success means to me. You becoming the C.E.O. of Your Life so that you may fully embrace your journey for the years ahead.

Should you be curious about my qualifications… I understand. Well, to be honest,  it’s life: living life, trying things, and sharing them with you. I’ve been influenced by a variety of sources throughout my life. Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School was a HUGE influence when I began this podcast. HUGE. I now would add the strong influences of Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, and many others - Abraham-Hicks is a more recent find for me, and wow- I love the alignment there. All of these sources form the web of inspiration of what I feel led to create in all that has become Your Empty Nest Coach. You’ll find my podcast and many other resources available on my website.


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My empty nest friend, with time and a whole lot of simmering, I have been able to improve my life in ways I could never have imagined. I’ve had experiences that past me wouldn’t have even been able to dream about as being possibilities in my life. Yes, it’s taken consistent time and energy, but it has been soooo worth it. 

I 100% believe you can do this too. 

You are amazing. And if you don’t believe that about yourself yet, use my belief in you. 

You absolutely are amazing. 


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In these episodes, I will show you how to illuminate your mind in a way that will allow you to discover future-you who they are meant to be. In the beginning, they’ll be your inspiration as you move forward. Your inner self and your future self are  freaking amazing and they’ll be the best guide for you in the years ahead. After all, they know you better than anyone else on this planet.

Don’t think you can’t do this.   If I can do this, anyone can.   

I will never tell you this is easy.  Sure, the concepts are simple, but we’re going  against programming that we’ve been taught since we were born. So, it’s work - wait, wait, wait… I no longer like to use that word: work. I talk about that in episode 157

I’ve changed it. I like the sound of joyous investment in myself so much better. So, I use those words now.  I have no doubt, though, that you can make the changes. You, my friend, you are worth the joyous investment in yourself - to discover who you are outside of the roles that you’ve labeled yourself: mother, father, parent, your career and more! You are worth discovering how amazing you are; and to discover how to dream again. 


Now, a  little secret: you’re not going to apply these principles to your partner and your children - although you’ll want to. .[laugh] - these are for you.  But, as you do this, you'll see improvements with all of your relationships: your children, your partner, coworkers, your friends.  It is incredible. 

To recap: It is my passion to work with parents of high school students (and beyond) who are in the trenches with sad and possibly overwhelming thoughts about what life will look like when their "baby" heads out of the nest (and sometimes back in and out). While their child becomes who they are meant to be, a big question for parents is “What will I do with my time?” 

Empowering these amazing humans in writing the next jaw-dropping, amazing chapter of their lives fulfills my purpose. I am energized by leading their process of exploration and am thrilled when they unlock the power - their superpower -  that lies within them  - becoming the C.E.O. of Their Life.


If what I just said resonates with you, then congratulations, this podcast is my gift to you!

I invite you to follow this podcast in your favorite podcast listening app - or download the Empty Nest Success app - it may be live when you listen to this. Otherwise, it is coming soon!

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I can’t wait to see what you do in the empty nest years, my friend, and always remember that YOU  ARE AMAZING!



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  1. Hey, my Empty Nest Coach!! LOL, it sounds AWESOME!! To answer your questions, no, it really doesn’t matter which day of the week you send out; however, Sunday mornings are always more leisurely for me, but I’m thinking you’re gonna get a really wide variety of answers…remember trying to schedule things for homeschool events???? HAHAHAHA….as for questions, I don’t have any off the top of my head, not enough coffee, yet. I will let you know.

    1. Thanks, Beth! Sooo funny. Yes, I DO remember scheduling for homeschool events (oh my!) I definitely don’t want Monday, as I feel like most of my podcasts upload then – and it might get lost in the “noise” of it all. Sunday is an interesting option that I hadn’t considered, as everything I listen to posts Mon – Thu. – I kind of like it. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. Happy Sunday!

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