150: Celebration & Summer Break Time 💚

150: Celebration & Summer Break Time 💚

Hello, my amazing friend!

Coach Christine,

Your Empty Nest Coach

"It’s really nice to look back at your past-self and thank her for the work she’s done. I have been using my future-self to motivate me constantly to work on the podcast, so it’s really nice now to take time to appreciate the work from my past-self."

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@emptynestcoach 's 150th podcast episode 💚 "Most importantly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, my listener." #thankyou taking a #summerbreak

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Episode Topics & Their Minute Markers

  • 00:42 Quick Reminders
  • 01:02 A Podcast Summer Break - What I'm Celebrating (Three Things)
  •  #1: 150 Episodes!
  • 02:01 #2: 50,000 downloads
  • 03:26 Thank you for listening
  • 04:51 #3: 50th Birthday!
  • 06:12 A Message for You
  • 07:31 Bloopers
  • 07:47 Still Listening? Colonoscopy Time!

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The Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 150



Christine: Hi, I’m Coach Christine. This is my podcast, it’s the Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, and we’re on episode #150.  One hundred and fifty! I can’t believe how fast I’ve gotten here. 

I’m here to take those who are freaking out about the empty nest ahead to feeling freaking awesome. I’m all about coaching you to become the CEO of Your Life and in my world, CEO stands for Conscious Effective Olympian. You’ll do this by leveling-up 

[level-up music]

your life in small increments - those small wins add up to big changes.

I appreciate that you pressed play on this episode today. Here we go…

[short intro music]


Some quick reminders: You’ll find a ton of information, resources and more on my website: YourEmptyNestCoach.com. If you enjoy this podcast, don’t forget to follow it in your favorite podcast player. That way you’ll be notified when my upcoming summer break is over. SupaPass, who powers our online community, (that’s coming soon) is our fabulous episode sponsor. 


[computer game level up music (short)]  

A Podcast Summer Break!

Why the summer break Christine? 

Well thanks for asking, my friend!

I am celebrating three pretty things this month, and with that, I decided that yes, it is time for a celebratory break to reset, recharge and re-assess.

The first thing I’m celebrating is that, as I’ve already mentioned, this is my 150th podcast episode. Since most podcasts don’t make it past, episode 7, I’m crazy proud of this! I’m proud of the amount of consistent time and dedication I have carved out of my life to get here. 

What does this mean for you? It means if you are just now finding my podcast for the first time, that you have 150 episodes to listen to, to get caught up on or to binge. For those who have been with me for a while, listen to your favorites. Here’s something interesting: if you were to choose to listen to one episode a day starting at the beginning, I’ll be back with new episodes before you are done listening! 


My second celebration is that I have passed 50,000 downloads of my podcast. For the few of my listeners who are podcasters, I’ve been waiting for my IAB number to get close or pass the 50K mark before I counted it, so my non IAB number is over 60,000. 

How big of a deal is this really? Numbers are just numbers. What we make them mean is everything, but let me explain why I celebrate it today. I began this journey with no audience anywhere. I didn’t have another business with 10 thousand or 100 thousand followers that jumped over and listened to this podcast. I don’t have friends or coaches “in the business” that can talk me up or mention my podcast or have me on their podcast. I’ve paid for barely any advertising - outside of a few free promotions I’ve been offered on FB or other social media spaces and maybe I threw $10 here or there to experiment but that’s basically nothing in the world of online ads. What I have used organic social media marketing, some collaborations, and SEO. Yes, it has been a slow build.  Looking back, (and I know I’ve said this before) it sounds funny but I really did pretty much wake up one day, decided on my niche - that makes sense for me - and a few months later after working with some beta clients, started the podcast. Here we are today.


More important than the download numbers, I’m incredibly thankful that I get regular messages about how the podcast has helped someone, and I couldn’t be more proud of that. It’s really nice to look back at your past self and thank her for the work she’s done. I have been using my future self to motivate me constantly to work on the podcast, so it’s really nice now to take time to appreciate the work from my past self.

I wouldn’t be able to move forward from where I am without the two and a half years of podcast work I’ve done: trying things, refining my message, creating my own analogies and messages, listening to your feedback, and truly discovering who I am as a coach. 

Most importantly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, my listener. 

I understand that behind each download number is the potential for someone to hear my message in their ears and for anyone to take time from their life to listen to what I have to say, is honestly, mind-blowing, and incredibly humbling. Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your messages. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for your comments on social media. Thank you for following my podcast and for telling your friends about it. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.


And now we are on the third thing I’m celebrating: I turn 50 in June! Fifty times around the sun and I’m ready for fifty more should I be gifted with that much time or more. I look back to who I’ve been in my life and I see moments I’m incredibly proud of together with moments where I’m embarrassed and ashamed of who I showed up as. Some of those moments aren’t too long ago. But both the lovely ones and the painful ones have led me in some part to who I am today. I like who I am today. I enjoy spending time alone and figuring out who I might be in the future and with that, the summer break ahead for this podcast will allow me time to flesh out ideas I have, try some things (more on that in my last episode), and maybe change a few things up. I’ve learned so much that I understand that I could possibly look back at this moment, right now, and be embarrassed at who I am, but guess what, I’m owning it all. I know I have a long way to go, but as I said in January, I’m here to enjoy the journey. I know I can always learn more. I can always do better and change my path forward, and that is what excites me about my future. My own GPS adjusts as I grow.


As I wrap up this episode and head into my podcasting summer break, as always, I encourage you to celebrate your life - its entirety as well as the small wins and big wins along the way.

I encourage you to give yourself a break when needed. Whether it’s a few hours away from your family, a few minutes each day to treat yourself, taking off from a project, or as large as a trip away to recharge your batteries. Use your top of the toolbox items when you need them to reset and dig in deeper with the bottom toolbox items when you are ready.

I’ll be making guest appearances on podcasts and more over the next few months, as well. Yay, for making time for things that I haven’t had time to do!

As always, I invite you to use past episodes of my podcast to continue to motivate you. And I also invite you to join my community that should be flying soon, this summer. Yes, of course, visit me on the socials - I’ll be there!

I’ll be back with new episodes in the fall and now it’s your turn… what do you need a break from, my beautiful, empty nest friend? 

Of course, don’t you dare forget for a minute that you are amazing! 

See you on the socials!

[end music]




Still listening? 

Three days after I turn 50, I’m getting my colonoscopy. Have you gotten yours? I know. No one wants to do it. But if they catch anything, it’s so easy to prevent something more serious. And, as a wife to a colon cancer survivor, schedule your colonoscopy, friends. 

That is all. 

I think.

[sings] Colonoscopy -  schedule your colonoscopy.

[spoken] I adore you.

[end music]