Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 28: The First Semester Transition: What to Expect and How Mom Can Help

Hello, my Empty Nest Friend!

I am thrilled to bring you this episode!

Not only is if overflowing with content that I wish I had known before my daughter headed off to school, but I also learned a few things.

My guest, Katy Oliveira, Host of the Collegehood Advice podcast, shares her advice and tips on navigating the first semester and how we, as mothers, may help our children.

Take a listen, or read the transcript, below.
My Guest: Katy Oliveira, Host of the Collegehood Advice podcast
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What You Will Learn in this Episode: 

  • Your role as benefactor
  • How grade notifications are handled in college, and a quick chat about FERPA
  • Campus resources that parents should be aware of for their child
  • What are challenges our child might face in the first semester
  • Katy’s best piece of advice

Episode Questions for You To Consider

  1. What are you most focused on for your child’s first semester?
  2. If you went to college, what are some defining moments from your first semester? Do you remember any?

Where to find this episode’s guest: Katy Oliveira, Host of the Collegehood Advice Podcast


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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college.