82: Three Podcasters Share Experiences in the Not So Empty Nest Series Number 9 Featuring Carolyn Kiel and Elaine Best

82: Three Podcasters Share Experiences in the Not So Empty Nest Series Number 9 Featuring Carolyn Kiel and Elaine Best

Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend!

In today’s episode in our Not So Empty Nest series, I share a conversation I had with two of my closest podcasting friends, Elaine Best of Angus Eye Tea and Carolyn Kiel of Beyond 6 Seconds. 

This episode is a different topic than usual for me, but I thought you might want a glimpse into some of the behind-the-scenes of the podcasting side of my life.

I hope your family is safe and healthy!

Take a listen or read the full transcript below.
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Carolyn Kiel

Host of the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, where she shares extraordinary stories from everyday people.

Elaine Best (& Fern)

Host of the comedy mental health podcast Angus Eye Tea.

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What We Discuss in This Episode 

01:18 – Introductions

02:00 – What the COVID-19 Restrictions Are Like For Us

06:40 – Extroverted Elaine Gets a Routine

07:53 – Introverted Carolyn’s Husband Now Working From Home

09:43 – Doors Help – Christine’s Introverted Household

10:50 – Elaine’s Thoughts Go Out To College Students

11:42 – Elaine’s Obsession with Robin Hood

12:35 – Christine Adds Podcast Episodes

13:15 – Carolyn Ups Her Appearances on Other Podcasts

14:06 – The Next King Lear

14:40 – Indie Podcasters Have an Edge

16:36 – We Finally Did A Podcast Episode Together – It Took COVID-19

18:34 – Elaine Eating French Fries

18:49 – Tools & Techniques We Are Using To Keep Our Spirits Up

20:24 – A Couch Potato is not the Happiest Potato

21:59 – New Things We’ve Noticed About Ourselves

23:33 – Elaine’s Canoe Has Leveled-Up

24:40 – Women in the Woods – Does Christine Make Any Sense? 

25:30 – Are Extroverts Uncomfortable Now?

27:00 – What Podcast Should We Do, and Puns From Elaine

28:00 – Bloopers

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For those who are freaking out about the empty nest years. It is time to make the rest of your life the best of your life!