83: Carolyn Cohen Wellness While Walking in the Not So Empty Nest

83: Carolyn Cohen Wellness While Walking in the Not So Empty Nest

Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend!

In our Not So Empty Nest series, today, I chat with Carolyn Cohen, AKA Coach Carolyn, host of the Wellness While Walking podcast. She’s a delight to chat with even under our current circumstances. Enjoy meeting Carolyn, and I hope your family is safe and healthy, friend!

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Topics Discussed & Time Markers

02:05 Carolynโ€™s experience due to COVID-19 restrictions

04:00 Carolynโ€™s Social Distancing Check-in

05:10 Humor: Laughing Boosts Your Immunity

06:14 What We Find Funny

07:08 How To Handle Schedules For Your Children?

08:50 Eating Lunch Together? Send Your Ideas In!

10:00 Leveling Up in Social Distancing

10:30 Look at This Opportunity to Build Your Immunity

11:25 1918 Pandemic Testing of Patients in Outdoor Tents

12:00 Move Your Body & Donโ€™t Seek Perfection

13:50 Gratitude

14:30 Where to Find Carolyn

16:07 Bloopers 

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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college.