88: The Conscious Effective Olympian Toolbox

88: The Conscious Effective Olympian Toolbox

Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend,

Imagine that you ask someone to work on a broken item in your home. They walk up to your home – no vehicle of any sort – and have only the clothes on their body with them. You assume that they’ll come back later with resources to help them finish the job, but upon completing your explanation, they say, “Great! It will cost this much, and I can start now.”

You are a bit curious about how this will play out, so you hire them.

They interrupt you constantly, although quite politely, “By any chance do you have a phillips head screwdriver?” and such. Some items you have, and some you don’t. The “expert” hunts through your drawers (no, they didn’t ask) to find a dull kitchen knife to use.

You don’t allow this to last long. You can only take 30-minutes of it. Although, it felt like three hours 😣 – before you send them on their way.

Who wouldn’t bring the tools they need?

My friend, so many of us do this every single day in our lives. I introduce you to the idea of your life’s toolbox in this episode.

These tools that Self-help Sally uses are more like band-aids for her than cures. So, that toolbox that I want you to consider is in your life, that I’m asking you to picture this week as you go forward, I want you to ask yourself if you have one at all? 
If you do, what are your go-to coping mechanisms when life gets tough?
In what ways are you like Self-help Sally?

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What You Will Learn in this Episode 

  • To Consider a Toolbox for Your Life
  • The Value in Stocking Your Toolbox Well
  • Meet Self-Help Sally
  • To Consider in What Ways You are Like Self-Help Sally

Episode Questions for You To Consider

  1. Can you picture your toolbox?
  2. What are your go-to life coping tools that you currently use?

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