Podcast Answer Submission

Have an answer to a podcast question that you would like to be considered for an upcoming episode? Record your submission right here.

If you are answering a question from a specific episode, include the episode number and the question(s), as well as your name and where you are from, if you are comfortable sharing that information. Thanks for participating!

Use my Google Voice number to submit your answer:

Google Voice # 920-LIFE-WIN (text or audio). Keep it under two minutes and be sure to introduce yourself briefly.

Example: Hi! Iโ€™m [Name] from [state/country]. You can find me online at [one singular place for my audience to find you]. Today Iโ€™d like to share โ€ฆ or In episode #68 you mentioned โ€ฆ

Or, email an audio submission to podcast AT youremptynestcoach.com.

By submitting a recording, you give Your Empty Nest Coach full permission to use the recording in all online marketing channels (podcast, social media, etc.).