149: I’m Feeling Lost and Don’t Know What To Do Next: Yielding in Life 💚

149: I'm Feeling Lost and Don't Know What To Do Next: Yielding in Life 💚

Hello, my amazing friend!

Coach Christine,

Your Empty Nest Coach

"Yes, my empty nest friend, yielding in your life happens more often than we think. Being comfortable, (and) loving yourself in the yield moments will allow you to move forward in a way that serves you and the world at large in a positive way."

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  • 00:42 Christine, I'm Feeling a Bit Lost and I Don't Know What To Do
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The Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 149



Christine: Hi, I’m Coach Christine. This is my podcast, it’s the Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, and we’re on episode #149.  If you are new here, know that I tend to use terms I’ve used in prior episodes - should you feel a bit lost when this happens, I invite you to use my show notes for a list of earlier episodes to get caught up! High-level, I’m all about coaching you to become the CEO of Your Life and in my world, CEO stands for Conscious Effective Olympian. You’ll do this by leveling-up 

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your life in small increments - those small wins add up to big changes.

I appreciate that you pressed play on this episode today. Here we go…

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Ask Coach Christine

I get the following question often and asked in many ways: “Christine, I’m feeling a bit lost and I don’t know what’s next.”

My response? 

No matter your age, or your place in life, this happens. The first thing to know is that it’s normal. We have moments, sometimes weeks, months, or years where we aren’t sure of our direction. 

Gifting yourself with knowing it’s normal is key. When you feel like you shouldn’t be lost or confused or that you should have clarity. You are resisting what is. You are already confused or lost - telling yourself you aren't isn’t going to magically change things. You are there, and it’s okay. 

Remind yourself of this. Remind yourself that you won’t stay there forever and that it is fine to give yourself time to figure it out. You don’t have to figure your entire life out tomorrow. Life changes. People change, majors change, colleges change, relationships change, circumstance(s) change that change a human’s life journey. You change. You learn things about yourself that make you question who you have been and who you will be. It is all good. This is growth. Change happens, it is good and it can even be healthy in most circumstances.  


You’re wondering though, what you should do. If you need help with this, I do work on uncovering thought-deliveries that don’t serve you, and we do that in private coaching. While I remind you that you are perfectly where you need to be to move forward in your life, you learn tools that help you clear your mind to discover who you are. We also work on living in the now so that you may begin to consciously consider your future, and when you get to the point where you are ready to really figure out what is next, I encourage you to dream and to try things. 

Should coaching not be an option for you, for whatever reason, all of these things you’ll find throughout my podcast episodes. 

When you get to the point where you are ready to try things, my friend, then I encourage you to try things boldly and bravely. You might have a ton of ideas on what could be next for your life. You don’t have to make your choice final for the rest of your life.You could try it for a bit - or for a season of your life. You could ask those who already do it what it is like, ask them what they love about it, ask them what they hate about it - you could dive deep into the research online, you could shadow people who do it, and, of course, you can also jump in and try it. 

My friend, it is really easy to believe something will be the perfect answer to what will be your life’s purpose or even what will make you happy for a small amount of time. But let’s be real, thinking about something and actually doing it are two totally different things - when you do jump in, reality sits in and you might possibly discover that it isn’t quite the perfection your mind had dreamt up. Want to be an author? Talk to authors about what they really do. Want to be in film and television in some capacity but not willing to work odd hours… it might not be a fit for you, or you might have to look for a specific angle to find what fits for you.

Now, of course, you may have been right on the money and they could be absolute perfection - totally what you’re meant to do, but if you have an opportunity to explore and try them out before you dive in head-first - I encourage you to do that. 

Of course, the opposite of this is that you dive-in head-first to a lot of things and see what you love in the end. See what rises to the top as you sit in the simmer of your life, and yes, I have an episode about that. 

My beautiful friend, not knowing what is ahead is completely normal. Getting comfortable with this will serve you well in your years to come. As I was gathering my thoughts on this, the image of a yield sign kept popping into my mind - it could be that I’m teaching my daughter how to drive, but what if we see these moments (going forward) as yield signs. I’m also now wondering if I already talked about this in a prior episode. This is what happens when you do so many episodes. [giggle] 


Well, either way, these yield signs will pop in, in different areas: with family members, in your hobby or career choices, in friendships, in medical needs for you and others, just as they do as your drive somewhere. Some you completely expect and others, as you journey to somewhere new, may surprise you. 

Sometimes, we barely need to yield at all at these signs and other times, we sit at that yield sign for what seems forever. We eventually get to move on but who you are as you yield will be what makes the difference. 

Who do you want to be as you yield? Filled with road rage or peacefully enjoying your music, looking at the traffic, and maybe when you see you aren’t going anywhere for a while, trying a new music choice?

Yes, my empty nest friend, yielding in your life happens more often than we think. Being comfortable, loving yourself in the yield moments will allow you to move forward in a way that serves you and the world at large in a positive way. 

And the next time you come to a yield sign you can think of this and ask yourself two things:

Who do I want to be right now as I yield?


What do I want to try? 

You are perfectly where you need to be, my friend. I’ll say it again -  you should gift yourself time to discover what is next, and try things.

I’m cheering you on! 


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Christine? Christine? Christine, where are you? 

For the next few months, I’m going to be primarily working on our community setup in SupaPass, so if you haven’t already reached out to me, to be notified when it is ready to go, be sure to do that soon! Look for the community section on my website (YourEmptyNestCoach.com) or email me at christine @ youremptynestcoach.com and say - tell me about your community! 

You’ll also find me testing out things on the socials- typically in order of most active to least active you’ll find me on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter. The last four I haven’t been doing much - outside of periodically remembering they exist and maybe then posting but we’ll see if that changes this summer. If you use one of these outlets often and want to connect on them or collaborate with something, reach out and let me know! 

I very well may be visiting more places online as well such as podcasts as I’ll have a bit more time - I do know I’ll be on the More Than A Mother podcast, as I just booked my interview time. The best way to find where I am is to visit my media and press page! You’ll find all the things there. 

Finally, I was surprised to find that Feedspot Blog added me as one of the Top 25 Empty Nest podcasts on the web. That was super fun to wake up to. I’m in amazing company on this list with those who have been around for quite a bit longer than I have been. Super honored to top off the list in the number one spot. Thanks Feedspot Blog!

I’ll be back in a few days to wish you an amazing summer and to share why I am taking a summer break from podcasting. 

My beautiful friend, you are amazing!

Talk soon!

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