130: Things That Won’t Be on My Tombstone, New FAFSA Calculations, Your Wins & More 💚

130: Things That Won't Be on My Tombstone, New FAFSA Calculations, Your Wins & More 💚

Hello, my amazing friend!

Coach Christine,

Your Empty Nest Coach

"The world needs you - not carbon copies of other humans. We need you to be authentically, unabashedly you, so I hope that if you don’t already know who you are, that you get a glimpse of your future this week."

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Episode Topics & Their Minute Markers

  • 01:00 Skip Intro and Get to the Tombstone Talk
  • 04:36 My Wish For You Today
  • 05:18 New Things: March 2021 Coaching
  • 05:52 Ask Coach Christine: "Can you comment on the FAFSA removing the consideration of multiple college students in the family?"
  • 07:28 Give, give, give
  • 08:19 Christine Where are You?  On Clubhouse and at Podfest Global Summit
  • 10:18 Celebrate You & Your Wins!
  • 12:45 What's in Your Life's Toolbox? 
  • 13:58 Let's Find the Funny! 
  • 13:59 What I Wish My Parents Knew: About the Kitchen
  • 14:55 Two Questions for You
  • 15:53 Bloopers

Episode Questions for You To Consider

  1. Was the tombstone talk too much? 
  2. Is this the week you call in and share something with my podcast audience?

Episode Resources

Send audio feedback to Coach Christine now: voicemail/text to 1-920-LIFEWIN (1-920-543-3946). 📞

Legal disclaimer: Listening to this podcast doesn't make Christine your official coach, and this podcast is not meant to replace your doctor or therapist. Curious? Click here for the deets!

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For those who are freaking out about the empty nest years. It is time to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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The Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 130



Christine: Hi, I’m Coach Christine. This is my podcast, it’s the Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast and we’re on episode #130.  If you are new here, know that I tend to use terms I’ve introduced in prior episodes. Should you feel a bit lost - use my show notes for best places to begin!

In this episode, I talk about Things that Won’t be on My Tombstone, of course the wins you are celebrating, this thing called Podfest Global Summit and more.

I appreciate that you pressed play on this episode, today. Here we go.

[happy music under voiceover]

This podcast is my gift to you: a parent adjusting to the idea of an empty nest - or possibly a student who's wondering how your parents are feeling about you heading out on your own. These podcast episodes will have a base of life coaching infused with reminders to cheer yourself on and maybe with a dash of my alter ego, Sally (the hotline video operator), popping in from time to time. I’m here to remind you that you should be your own biggest fan!

[end happy music]


My amazing friend. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. You’ve chosen to listen to my voice, and what a privilege that is for me. I don’t take your time lightly, so thank you. Let’s do some basic housekeeping first - you’ll find a list of episode topics and time markers on where they appear in my show notes, should you want to hop around - or return to a segment later! I would love for you, as you listen, to think of two people you could share this podcast episode with and then share it! And, of course, don’t forget that you are invited - yes you - to submit to any section of this episode by leaving me a message (text or audio) - on my google voice number: That’s 1-920-LIFEWIN or (920-543-3946). You’ll find it in my shownotes, too, if you are looking for it later.

All of my offerings, podcast show notes, transcriptions of the episodes, and more can be found on my website: Your Empty Nest Coach dot com. This episode is sponsored by me - and all things Your Empty Nest Coach, so to keep this podcast going strong be sure to subscribe to this podcast in your favorite podcast player, to share it with others, and visit my website, sign-up for my email list, and check out all of my offerings.Thanks!

[creepy music]? 

I know you’re thinking, “Christine, why are you talking about tombstones?” 

I know, I know, no one likes to think about death but remembering that lives are finite can be a tool to use to put the many frustrations of daily life into perspective quickly, and then work through your thought-deliveries and training up your protector - and all that other fun stuff I talk about. 


But this week, I found myself saying off the cuff to someone, “Well, the number of instagram followers I have will not be on my tombstone.” and then I started listing things that won’t be on my tombstone… I mean pretty much nothing will be on my tombstone, should I have one. What do we get birthdate  - dash - and end date.  Ouch. A dash. Not how many instagram followers, not how many speaking engagements, not how many children you have, not your college major, not how much money you make, or clients you have, or what you did for a living. And in the end I don’t think I’m going to look back on my life and say, "You know it is a darn shame that in 2021 I didn’t already have 100,000 downloads. I mean, that, that would have made this life worth living." 

Yeah, I don’t know why I talk like that in the future.

Let’s be real.

So, if the idea of thinking about this doesn’t freak you out, when you get frustrated this week, remember, this stuff isn’t going to be on your tombstone. And at the end of your life, more than likely, you’ll be thinking about relationships. Those that you wish you did more with, those that you wish you might have let go of sooner. Those that you are proud of and that you are glad you cultivated. I don’t know, what do you think you’ll be thinking about? If you find this resource helpful to you, it is a good resource to have in the top of your life’s toolbox. And for the record, I remembered that I had read or heard somewhere about making the dash mean something...I did a quick google search, and found the Dash poem - it says more on this than I just did, so I’ll link to the website in my show notes, if you want to check it out. 


[computer game level up music (short)] 

My Wish for You Today ✅

My amazing friend, my wish for you, today, is that you, yes you, discover a new amazing aspect of you that you have been hiding for some time. I’m giving you permission to be curious about that part of you. The world needs you - not carbon copies of other humans. We need you to be authentically, unabashedly you, so I hope that if you don’t already know who you are, that you get a glimpse of your future this week. As always, I encourage you to manage your thought-deliveries in a way that serves you, and future you well. 


[computer game level up music (short)] 

New Things. New Things. New Things!

New things!

Well, this one is not really new but I have a few open registration spots remaining for March, beginning March 15th. In the Your Empty Nest Coach part of my life, my private coaching clients are top tier - they’re my favorites. We have weekly private zoom calls, I send you resources, and you have a line of communication with me between sessions. It’s so much fun, and I’d love to work with you! I have more going on but I’ll share that in an upcoming segment.


[computer game level up music (short)] 

Ask Coach Christine

I was recently asked this question on TikTok and responded with a video: 

Can you comment on the FAFSA removing the consideration of multiple college students in the family? My youngest daughter may need to delay a year.

And my response? I didn’t actually know about this but thankfully my day job is in an enrollment office at a college and I asked my amazing colleague, Ashling in our Student Financial Services office about this. She confirmed that, “Yes, this is true.” 

In the new version of the FAFSA which will be easier to complete and streamlined, it will only ask you how many people are in your household - it won’t ask you how many are in college.

It is basically a newly calculated EFC that will now be called an SAI.

The SAI will go lower than zero to -$1500, where the EFC goes as low as 0. 

This is scheduled to be in effect the 2023 - 2024 school year which means that October 1st 2022 when the FAFSA opens, this new calculation will be in place. 

Now as someone who likes data, I would love to see a side by side calculation to see the actual difference because it might not be as significant as it sounds with the new calculation. Any takers on doing this comparison? 

If you have a question you want me to focus on in an upcoming episode, use that google voice number 1-920-LIFEWIN. Leave a voicemail message or text your question to me. I consider all submissions.


[computer game level up music (short)] 

My Lessons Learned

What have I learned recently? 

Give, give, give, give and expect nothing in return. I’ve been giving a lot recently and on purpose. Someone watching me might say I give too much of my time to things that don’t have a specific purpose that ties back to my business. I have no expectations of anything when I give and it makes things super fun and interesting when the universe responds in ways that I not only might have been hopeful for but also that exceed any expectation I might possibly have. Try giving a little more this week than you might have in some area of your life - have no expectations and see what happens - it might just be, it feels darn good to help another human.


[quirky music under segment]

Christine? Christine? Christine where are you?

Deirdre Dolan Nesline and I are continuing our Friday morning Clubhouse declutter tips sessions. Deirdre provides great tips for your weekend ahead. 

Rachel Lankester was kind enough to invite me into a Clubhouse room to talk about Empty Nesting this week, as well. 

If you are on Clubhouse, be sure to follow me, Deirdre and Rachel there - great energy all around, if I do say so myself. 

This week ahead, I’m attending Podfest Global Summit any free moment I have. It is virtual which means, I can squeeze in a few sessions over my lunch break and in the evening. I was lucky enough to speak on a panel this past Monday - it was all about Higher Education in podcasting - or vice versa. A special shout out goes to the amazing Lesa Beals of the podcast Not Your College Life for including me on the panel. You’re the best!

With my speaking gig over, I’m quite active on the Whova app as I’m free because I’m all about making connections, and have had great fun running meetups about Whova overwhelm - for those who don’t know, Whova is the app that the conference is being held through. My former programmer/analyst days are coming out and I love helping others get comfortable with tech. 

If you are listening to this a few days after the release, I have free base passes for you to attend. This is an amazing conference with value in so many areas - not just podcasting, so don’t be shy, check it out and use the code EmptyNestSuccess all one word to earn yourself a free spot at the summit. Then be sure to connect with me on the app!

As always, you may check out my Media & Press page on my website YourEmptyNestCoach.com for a list of all of my guest appearances. 


[computer game level up music (short)]  

Celebrating You and Your Wins[sound] 

I tried something new with this, this week - I post Wednesday Wins videos regularly on TikTok. This week I also posted on Instagram and I mentioned in both that if you put the microphone emoji in your shared win in the comment, that it’s your way of giving me permission to share your win on my podcast. And some of you were willing. As always, the small wins count as much as the big ones!

I’ve had a lot of wins this past week. The one that has been good for me personally is with all of the happenings going on in my life, I’ve done a good job at managing my thought-deliveries, my protector, watching the overwhelm, and I’ve still made time to be still periodically. That’s no small feat. 

And now I have some fun approved wins from listeners and followers to share with you: 

Sloppyspacefish shared, “My boss approved my idea to add a JOAD program to our camp.”

JaeHermann.co shared, “I aint killed nobody, yet. 🥳 Mercury Retrogade has been kicking my arse, but I’m on the upswing, so that’s a win, too!!”

Talkshitwithp  on Instagram shared,”being a 1st time case study speaker at podfest.” Now listener, I had the privilege of chatting with Paula - and I’m so excited for her to share her session - “How podcasting saved my mental health.” And I plan to stay up past my bedtime to watch it.

AmazingAnonymousMama shared, “My daughter’s thinking of changing her majors and I remembered your TikTok and didn’t freak out.” Thank you AmazingAnonymousMama for spending time with me on my TikTok live - and sharing that. It means the absolute world to me.

Thank you all for sharing your wins. And listener, I want you to take a moment and think of a moment that happened today: small - or big. You got it? Please give yourself a pat on the back, and those of you who shared with us here, thank you for letting me share your wins with my audience. 

Now, my amazing listener, don’t forget to share your win with us - you may send it to me in my DMs on social media, use my google voice number, yes, that’s in my show notes. Or pop in the comments of my wednesday win videos on TikTok or Instagram and add that microphone emoji. 


[computer game level up music (short)] 

What’s in your life’s toolbox?

As a reminder, these are things that bring you joy, or allow you to reset yourself in life in one way or another. Some are escapes that allow you the grace to have time until you’re able to process deeper or to allow your mind a bit of time to recalculate to what’s next; other things are tools and resources that allow you to do the deeper work - like this podcast, my workshops, or doing coaching work with me. As always, I’d love for you to share what you use in your life’s toolbox for either moment in life - use that Google voice number to share, or DM me!

Today, I’m going to share something I use to help me focus - which I need more often than you would probably guess. I’m using one now, or I was, as I was planning this episode -  and that is focus audio is what I’ll call it: for me that looks like brown noise I listen to on YouTube or the deep focus playlist on Spotify - which I was introduced to by the wonderful Alesia Galati. Thank you for sharing that on Instagram ages ago, Alesia. It has helped me get through more than a few work days and projects! 

My listener, have you listened to that playlist? Definitely check it out.


[computer game level up music (short)] 

Let’s find the funny!

[giggles from others] 

I have to do this one. I know. But I have to. It’s the lawyer with the cat filter. I caught this one early on and did a reaction video on TikTok, shared it on Instagram and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video and still laugh. I truly hope the man behind the cat filter knows how much joy he has brought the world. I’ll put a link to my reaction in the show notes!


[computer game level up music (short)] 

What I Wish My  Parents Knew

Your young adult or adult children might want a bit more independence in the kitchen. If you do all of the cooking and meals are scheduled, they might want to feed themselves, use the oven between meals, and cook late at night. It might be worth a discussion to see how they can gain a bit more independence in the kitchen while respecting your needs.

This is based on, what else? Yep, comments left on my TikTok videos, of course. 


[happy music (short)] 

Two Questions for You

Question 1:  Was the tombstone talk too much? 

and Question 2:  Is this the week you call in and share something with my podcast audience? 

As always, I provide content to make you think, my empty nest friend.

My HOPE is that I’m able to provide you with thoughts that positively impact your life.

If you enjoy this podcast please don’t forget to share it with others, it’s the best way to allow it to reach a wider audience. And of course, follow or subscribe in your favorite podcast app!

I plan to be back with episode 131 in two weeks. In the meantime, you have 129 other episodes, from me, to catch up on, or to relisten to. And with that, don’t you dare forget, that you are amazing!

See ya!





117: It is FAFSA time & Let’s Talk About College Breaks 📅

117: It is FAFSA time & Let's Talk About College Breaks 📅

Hello, my ah-mazing empty nest friend,

If you have a child in college, and they'll continue to be a college student next year, it is time to complete the FAFSA! 

It is also time to think about winter break. 

Whether they were on-campus or not, I've got you covered in this episode as, it isn't always a party when they return home. 🎈

Coach Christine,

Your Empty Nest Coach

"Your child will be different when they return home, whether it is their first semester in college or their fourth. I can’t tell you exactly how they’re going to be different, but I can tell you they will be different."

Take a listen or read the full transcript at the bottom of this post.

⇓⇓⇓ More goodies below, too! Scroll down ⇓, so you don't miss anything! ⇓⇓⇓

🎙The podcast episode in which I remind you that the #FAFSA is open, and we talk about how to prepare for the upcoming college breaks. 💚 #CollegeParents #CollegeBreaks  #EmptyNest  #Podcast #EmptyNestMom #EmptyNestSyndrome 

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What You Will Learn in this Episode 

  • A Reminder that The FAFSA is Open for the 2021-2022 School Year
  • Things to Consider for the Upcoming College Breaks - Even if Your Student is Home!

Episode Questions for You To Consider

  1. Do you need to complete the FAFSA?
  2. Are you ready for the upcoming college break?

Episode Resources

Send audio feedback to Coach Christine now: voicemail/text to 1-920-LIFEWIN (1-920-543-3946). 📞

Legal disclaimer: Listening to this podcast doesn't make Christine your official coach, and this podcast is not meant to replace your doctor or therapist. Curious? Click here for the deets!

First time here? Try these episodes & resources:

For those who are freaking out about the empty nest years. It is time to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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Episode 117 of the Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast


Christine:  Hi, it’s Coach Christine.  This is my podcast.  It’s the Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast and you are now listening to episode number 117.  If you are new here, know that I tend to use terms I’ve introduced in prior episodes.  Should you feel a bit lost, use my show notes for best places to begin.  In this episode, I talk about the FAFSA and how to prepare for college breaks, whether your child is currently on-campus or not.


I work with mothers of high school students and beyond, who are in the trenches with sad and possibly, overwhelming thoughts about what their life will look like when their baby heads to college and begins to leave the nest.  My clients’ big question is what will I do with my time?  Is this you?  I’ve been there, and I get it.  Empowering you to write the next jaw-dropping, amazing chapter in your life is my passion.  I am energized by leading you in the process of exploration and am thrilled when you unlock the power that lies within you.  This podcast is my gift to you.


My future empty nest friend, and Conscious Effective Olympian, or CEO, of your life, how are you doing today?  Holy cow, there is a chance that this episode may be analogy-free.  Can I even do that?  Show notes for this episode have links to anything I discuss that is linkable, and of course, you’ll find all sorts of fun stuff, and ways to work with me on my website: YourEmptyNestCoach.com.  If you enjoy this episode, I invite you to subscribe to this podcast, and to consider joining the GPS Support Flock.  What is that?  I’m so glad you asked; take a listen.  


Thanks!  Thank you!  It’s time to thank our sponsor.  This episode is sponsored by my membership community, The GPS Support Flock; Your Flight to Success in the Empty Nest.  If you are ready to find the GPS of your life, sign up to receive an immediate and free download of my PDF, "How to Find Yourself in the Empty Nest," our GPS Life Principles document.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about our community.  See the link in this episode's show notes or fly on over to my website, YourEmptyNestCoach.com.  Click the GPS Support Flock button.  See you soon! 


This is a bit of an informational episode.  Use it as a reference and don’t be afraid to pop back here again, if need be, or to pause it for later.  First up, I’d like to remind you that, yes, is it FAFSA time.  This will be important to you if you are in the U.S., and your child plans to attend college in the upcoming school year.  I get that a lot of things are up in the air, but if you think there is a chance they’ll attend, I recommend doing the FAFSA.  It can’t hurt.


I’ve heard people say, “Oh no, it’s FAFSA time.  I hate doing the FAFSA. It’s awful.” I have to admit, while the result from the FAFSA doesn’t usually make me want to jump up and down with excitement, the process of actually completing it isn’t too bad.  The FAFSA is going to be as awful as you allow your mind to let it be.  So choose.  I use, “It’s FAFSA time; I’m excited to be done with it.”  It works.


If you have never done the FAFSA before, you’ll need to get the IDs first.  A parent will need one, and your student will need one.  Once you have the ID’s, you then have the actual form to complete.  All of this is available via studentaid.gov. I don’t recommend paying someone else to do the FAFSA for you.  It’s rare that this would be needed.  I’d set aside 15 minutes to create the IDs and then 30 minutes to do the FAFSA.  Both I think are padded generously, but just in case, that’ll give you a ballpark idea of how long it takes.


The FAFSA is completed every year your child is in college, so it’s good to make friends with it, if they’ll be attending.  It will pull your tax information from a prior year, so have that info handy in case it doesn’t import automatically.  You’ll find plenty of videos and free tutorials if you run into problems.  I’m not a financial aid advisor.  I’m a mom who has a daughter in her senior year, so I’ve done it four times now.


You’ll get a confirmation email in a few days that confirms it was processed and there will be an EFC number.  That number doesn’t have a dollar sign, it’s simply digits.  It represents the amount of money that the government believes you can afford to pay for your child’s education for the next year.  That’s one year.  Be prepared for this number to be more than you’d expect.  I recommend sitting down.


The colleges your child applies to will use this number in determining financial aid available to them, including government loans.  Every college’s financial aid package will be different, so weigh their options carefully.  Also, consider all four years.  Look at the fine print on the awarding, to be sure you and your child are comfortable with where they’ll land before making any firm decisions.  Long story short, it’s FAFSA time and if your child plans for college next year, put it on your radar to complete in the near future, if you haven’t already.  That is my friendly reminder. 


Now let’s talk about college breaks.  You may know I’ve been having a lot of fun creating Reels on Instagram.  I’m even teaching some women now, how to become comfortable with them.  Lately, I’ve been taking some information from the podcast and putting it into these little 15-second to 30-second Reels, so I am doing a series within the Reels.  Currently, one is about college breaks and how you should prepare as a parent for college breaks.  I am going to talk about both, if your child has been on campus and if your child has not.  You may gain something out of both, but if you want to jump to one section, check my show notes for time markers. 


For those of you whose child has been on-campus:

First, be prepared for a routine change, again. When your child left for college, your routine in the household changed and it impacted everyone, even the pets.  When your college-student returns home, they’ll be used to the old routine and the rest of you won’t, so be prepared for change.  Second, expect them to be tired.  They have been going nonstop while they are away, and even if they had less activities than anyone expected, due to being on a campus with physical distancing, trust me, the emotional toll of being in that environment is exhausting and they more than likely couldn’t stop.  They had to keep going.  So the moment they cross the threshold of your home, wherever you live, they are going to feel like their five-year-old self safe and comfortable, whether that’s where they lived when they were five or not.  I know, some of you are going to get technical with me there.  But hopefully, they know they feel safe here.


Expect them to be really tired, expect them to go into this decompress mode.  They more than likely won’t be planning it.  It will be something that happens.  They may not even be aware they need it.  Don’t be surprised if they disappear for two days in their room which, you know, maybe they should be quarantining anyway.  If they don’t, so be it.  But if they do, I don’t want you to be surprised.  I warned you.  Third, set some expectations.  We already talked about how routines will be off-kilter a bit again.  Take some time now, ahead of time to think about how your routine before they left is different from how it is now.  Do you want it all to go back to the way it was?  Is there something new that you want to make sure doesn’t change?  Address it now.  Maybe you don’t want to do their laundry.  Set those expectations before they get home, but also be okay if their laundry doesn’t get washed on day one, unless you set that expectation.  Get the idea?


You also may want to check in with them and ask them what they’re really looking forward to, in case that’s something you could do without.  Remove the tension later.  Take the time to be curious about what you love now and what you want to stay.  Have fun with this and get creative.  By looking at this early and addressing it, will remove some tension on your time together.  So think ahead and figure out what, if anything, should be addressed.  


Fourth, your child will be different when they return home, whether it’s their first semester in college or their fourth.  I can’t tell you exactly how they’re going to be different, but I can tell you they will be different.  Independence changes a person in all sorts of ways.  Take the opportunity to get to know them all over again.  Remove your assumptions about who they were and get to know who they are now.


My next tip is for both parents whose college-student has been on-campus and for parents who have had their child home.  Take some time to celebrate where you are today and that you’ve made it to a milestone, and you should take some time to celebrate.  It doesn’t need to be a huge celebration.  I have a minimalist mindset, so I’d celebrate with a walk to get coffee, or a specifically chosen movie night, with maybe some special food.  But this is your celebration, make it what works for you and your family.  Give yourself a pat on the back for navigating all of your emotions through this semester.  Make sure you also tell your child how proud you are of them.  If you are having trouble finding this, take some time to really look.  You’ll find it.  Celebrate. 


If your child did not move out of your home for this semester, here are a couple of tips I have for you.  First, if you haven’t already, talk about the spring semester.  Discuss the options available for your student, if there are any.  If an option to move-on campus suddenly arrives, is that something they’d want to do?  Do they definitely want to stay home again?  Is there anything they would like to have different, if they do stay home?  The same question for you.  If they want to go back to campus, take the opportunity to be curious about the emotions and thoughts that arise in you.  Provide them a safe space to share.  I’d also recommend having this conversation or conversations outside of the celebration space.  Celebration is for celebration.  It’s also okay to celebrate even if you don’t know what is next, in case somebody needs that permission.  More than likely you aren’t sure of all of your options, yet.  But have fun exploring what they could be and what life might be like if you have them available. 



Second, take the opportunity to notice if anything has changed about your child this semester.  Yes, even while at home.  They may not have been able to experience the level of independence that attending classes on campus would have given them, but take a moment to notice the child in your home, that they would have returned different.  Where do your thoughts go?  Are you happy they’re still at home?  Happy for the extra time?  Are you bummed for them, that they didn’t get to experience the on-campus life?  If so, add “yet” to the end of that statement and how does that feel? 


I’ll be honest, my child went to campus.  I may not be able offer much here, but I’d love to know how you feel, if this is you.  Do you have tips, tricks, thoughts for other parents in your situation?  If so, I’d love to share them with my audience on social media.  I’m done recording episodes for 2020, otherwise I’d slide it into an upcoming episode.  But if you email me at Christine@youremptynestcoach.com or message me on Instagram, @emptynestcoach, I’d love to share.  Oh, I also could add this in my monthly email, or of course, the flock!  Yes, yes.  You should join the flock.



The questions I have for you in this episode are, one, do you need to complete the FAFSA?  And, two, are you ready for the upcoming college break?  As always, I provide content to make you think, my empty nest friend.  My hope is that I am able to provide you with thoughts that positively impact your life.  My next episode’s title is: The Benefit of Taking Time Off.  This one is listener requested.


Are you able to screenshot this episode right now?  If so, take a minute to do that and then to share it on social media to help others find it.  That would be incredibly helpful.  Be sure to tag me @emptynestcoach so I may personally thank you.  Happy FAFSAing and prepping for that upcoming college break!  You, my empty nest friend, are amazing!



Still listening? 

This semester has been odd. We usually only see our daughter once prior to Thanksgiving, if we are lucky.  She’s a few states away.  But this is her senior year, and she has her senior art show and thesis, and we can’t go.  It totally makes sense.  Hubby and are good with it.  We don’t need to be on the college campus, but it’s yet another thing that who would have thought we wouldn’t be doing this year.  Have you had any of these moments lately?



Quick Tips: The FAFSA, Texting Your Child & You are Amazing

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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college.