Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Special Announcement: Teachable’s The Women Who Create Summit

Hello, my Empty Nest Friend!
I have a super-duper special announcement for you. I have a free ticket for you to Teachable’s The Women Who Create Summit. The speaker line up is AH-MAZING! The entire event is online, so there is no need to travel anywhere. Recordings are available for a limited time, so you don’t have to worry about attending each session live – you can catch up as your schedule permits.
The summit is over. It was fantastic!
I use Teachable for my free program and my flagship program The Empty Nest: First Steps Toward Success! I am a Teachable affiliate, and I am also the chapter leader for Teachable’s Philadelphia Creator Community. I am delighted with Teachable, and if you want to check it out, I invite you to use my affiliate link. Thanks!  
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What You Will Learn in this Episode: 

  • About Teachable’s The Women Who Create Summit.


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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college.