162: Empty Nest Success ⏲️ Quick Take – Bad Days πŸ’š

162: Empty Nest Success ⏲️ Quick Take - Bad DaysπŸ’š

Hello, my amazing friend. πŸ‘‹

A Quick Take episode: short episodes where I quickly review a piece of earlier content and post between my monthly episodes. 

Bad days, bad moments, and bad happenings are all part of life. 

Eventually, you may even move to a place where it isn't worth labeling any day bad, but we must start somewhere. 

As always, I'm cheering you on! πŸŽ‰

Coach Christine,

Your Empty Nest Coach

"But the moment we engage ourselves in our life, everything changes. Choose to engage your beautiful mind."

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The Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast, Episode 162


This is an empty nest success quick take. An episode, in between my monthly episodes, where I look back at content I created before, share it and comment on it briefly. 

[level-up music]

Today I'm scrolling through past Thursday thoughts about email(s) and one caught my eye. I haven't even read it yet. So I'm going to read it now and see how it resonates. This one's called bad days. 

[music plays under this segment (reading)]

Some days I handle life better than other days, I used to beat myself up when I handled things poorly. 

As a human, I'm going to make mistakes. It's all part of this beautiful thing called life. 

One thing we can do when mistakes happen, is to remind ourselves that our words in our mind matter what we say to ourselves matters. These words are important. 

Some days, we win at a big life goal, while other days we win at remembering that we matter, even when we do things that we might not be proud of doing. 

It isn't what we do or say. It's what we make what we do or say mean, and what we make other humans do or say mean. 

The more I help others, the more the universe likes to test my skills. When this happens, just like everyone else, those thought-box-deliveries come rushing in. They deliver thoughts that cause me to feel stressed, where my mind wants to go when I don't check in. Some days, I'm faster at others and realizing that I'm on autopilot. But either way, the moment I click autopilot off and begin to observe the thoughts bombarding my mind, everything changes. 

It is so darn easy to leave on the autopilot of our mind. After all, we get to sit back and let life happen to us. It's so much easier to be the complaining backseat driver than the person who is driving. 

But the moment we engage ourselves in our life, everything changes. Choose to engage your beautiful mind. You have the power to change everything with it, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your results. But first you have to choose to engage: to click autopilot off and go through the emotions in life. 

You are worth it. 

[end music]

And this was fascinating to read. I sent this on June 13 of 2019. It took me some effort to find the actual copy. I've bumped up my analogies a lot since then. I've added the idea of your protector or some people call it an ego who is actually on your side and working very hard to protect you. But we need to take the time to train our protector in a way that we get to embrace and live into our life. 

If you want to dive in more, I'll put links in the show notes. 

And don't you dare forget that you are amazing. πŸ’š

[end music]